Bar de Halcyon

Wolfe Lane Perth

Project image

Bar de Halcyon is the newest addition to the small bar scene in the hub of Wolfe Lane in Perth. Located within the rear tenancy of the Apple Store, Bar de Halcyon offers Spanish style Pintxos from their all day kitchen.

The cosy two-storey venue draws upon a warm organic palette of materials such as exposed brick; reclaimed wood from the Bunbury Jetty;  recycled cardboard pendant lights and mesh screening to create an inviting modern eclectic atmosphere.

Baltinas Architecture worked closely with a local furniture designer to create feature wood panelling for the walls and custom table tops from reclaimed timber sourced from the Bunbury Jetty. Geometric feature tiles were sourced to add dimension and pattern to the interior and also clad the facade of the building creating a connection between the facade and interior spaces.

Custom tongue-in-cheek wallpaper in the bathrooms provides a talking point and adds to the modern eclectic nature of the venue.