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9 July 2016

This six storey apartment complex in West Perth, does nothing if not make a bold statement about the exceptional level of architecture and design in Western Australia.

Halo On Mount s the creation of architecture firm Baltinas Architecture and developer Baltinas Made.

Managing Director, Barry Baltinas said the complex, which consisted of 21 two bedroom, two-bathroom apartments, two penthouses and a café, was a challenging site to develop, but extremely rewarding when you see the finished product.

“Access to the site was a big challenge because the footbridge actually wrapped around and prevented us from getting access to the site,” he said.

“We had to modify the Main Roads footbridge that joins the city to Kings Park and Mount Street and work closely with local authorities to come up with a solution that would best activate the space.”

Challengers aside, this apartment complex is definitely a talking point, sitting adjacent to the Mitchell Freeway.
During the day, the light hits the building at different angles, creating alternating circles of light inside each apartment. At night, the building comes to life, with lights switched on and off in each apartment turning the building into an ever-changing kaleidoscope.

“There are a lot of different ways to look at it and I really like how the circles frame the views and create light and shade,” Mr Baltinas said. “It becomes a lighthouse that beams out at you and sort of speaks its own language.”

Each apartment has access to its own winter garden balcony – an initiative by Baltinas Architecture to encourage all year round entertaining prospects. Instead of a simple balcony with a balustrade, these balconies feature open windows to allow residents to open the space up or enclose it, depending on the season.

The two penthouse suites on the top level was designed and built with the added luxury of their own personal rooftop terraces, which include an alfresco area and outdoor kitchen, glass – fronted plunge pool with LED lighting and an air conditioned pavilion with retractable walls and roof.

The location of Halo On Mount was another key strategic feature in deciding the placement of the building.
With views of the river, Perth City and Kings Park, Baltinas Made has carefully constructed the building to give each apartment direct access to at least one of these amazing views.

“The background is Kings Park and you don’t even have to own a lawnmower or get your garden gloves out because it is all done for you, while the front yard is the city playground,” Mr Baltinas said.

Last week at the 2016 Australian Institute of Architects Award, Halo On Mount Apartments by Baltinas Architecture received a commendation in the Residential Architecture – Multiple Housing Award.

“We as architects were quite excited that we could build something that would stand in this location for the rest of our lives and contribute to the streetscape of the City of Perth, of which we are really proud of,” Mr Baltinas said.

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