Living Where You Work Tipped to Rise

Sunday Times

3 July 2016

A Perth architect is predicting a new wave of live work spaces will start to spring up in WA.

Barry Baltinas, founder of Baltinas Made, said the change would be driven by business owners wanted to live and work in inner-city locations.

With the Perth CBD commercial property vacancy rate at 19.2 percent. Mr Baltinas said it was an uncertain period for Perth. “Homes with built-in office suites that can be shut off from the living areas and used not only as a work space, but also a meeting place, will be attractive so smaller companies,” he said.

“These spaces not only offer tax-deductible living, but also convenience. There’s no travelling to work and no sitting in traffic and that mean more personal free time.”

Baltinas Made is testing the live-work space concept at its new $32 million Northbridge apartment project, Velo.

“The professional and personal quarters are divided by a sliding wall, where the home is 100 per cent hidden behind the boutique office space. He said. Northbridge, Subiaco, West Perth, Leederville and the Perth CBD were key areas where dedicated live-work spaces would be in demand.

“These suburbs are ideal for car-less living, with good public transport access and great amenities, and already a blend of residential and commercial,” he said. “So I’d expect to see more of these properties popping up.”

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