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8 January 2012

When architect Barry Baltinas was commissioned to design the Halo City Apartments – on one of the most sought-after sites in town – his vision was to create a set of buildings that would stand the test of time and be relevant even in the next century

When designing apartments for one of the most enviable locations in Perth, architect Barry Baltinas didn’t simply want to make the most of the scenery.  Rather, he wanted to reflect the location – high on tree-lined Mount Street, overlooking the city, Kings Park and the Swan River – by creating a sustainable, sympathetic architectural statement, one that would last for generations.

Construction is expected to start on the Halo City Apartments early this year.  The boutique nine-level building will feature 21 apartments.

“Our inspiration behind Halo started with the magnificent location,” Barry says.  “The building responds to all these cues by taking advantage of the views and location.  We aim to create a landmark architectural statement that thoughtfully responds to its surroundings through carefully thought-out architectural design and aesthetic as well as the primary incorporation of sustainability principles.”

According to sustainability agent Marc Drexel from Arc Eden, there is a real gap in the market for people wanting to be sustainable but also live in a cosmopolitan and stylish city.

“Perth City has come of age and many want to be part of it. To do this in a sustainable way makes Halo truly special,” Marc says.

Barry says Halo’s objective is to provide high-quality, stylish, inner-city living while also addressing long-term environmental issues.

“I feel that we have a responsibility to society to create architecture that responds to our environmental issues, as well as provides a positive legacy to our children and our grand-children,” he says.  “Long after we are gone our buildings will be around and if designed correctly will provide a positive contribution to the environment and well being of users.”

Longevity, efficient use and reuse of resources, the location and a thoughtful contemporary and flexible layout form the foundations of the design process.  Foremost is achieving a “design life” of more than 100 years through a smart mix of apartment design and durable and robust materials.

Halo’s design concept is rooted in responsible, sustainable development principles to reduce energy consumption, water usage and long-term maintenance of the building.

Internal air quality is improved through the use of low-emission materials.  Passive engineering techniques, such as opening windows, provide cross-flow ventilation ensuring reduced reliance on airconditioners.

Water harvesting helps supplement the building’s water needs through rainwater collection tanks, while Halo will also have self-generating power to support common areas.

“We believe that people will love living in a well-designed, sustainable building,” Barry says.  “The practicality of inner-city living with its numerous benefits as well as the privacy and potential serenity of these apartments will provide a wonderful living space.”

Construction is expected to take 16 months to complete and more than 30 per cent of the apartments have already been sold.

“It just goes to show how much genuine interest there is for well-designed, affordable and sustainable apartments in the city,” Marc says.

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