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Sunday Times

14 January 2018

Not only is the home situated in one of Perth’s most prestigious residential locations with views of the Swan River, Perth CBD and Kings Park, it is also a completely unique proposition.

Boasting 11 split levels over six storeys and 550 sqm of internal living space, it could be mistaken for a multi dwelling property when it is actually a five-bedroom, five-bathroom masterpiece.

Baltinas Made architect Barry Baltinas said this home has signalled the way of the future for near-city luxury living in Australia.

“It’s a green title standalone home comparable to a penthouse, but it embraces innovative vertical architecture and folding and tilted walls that might be seen in Manhattan, London or parts of Europe to make the best use of space and location,” he said.

“The design features a central open spine that acts as a light shaft and, through the use of an open glass lift and marble-clad stairway, connects the six main floor levels which then split off north and south to encompass 11 living spaces, including a full-floor master bedroom and rooftop dining area with extensive kitchen facilities.”

Making the most of the reverse living concept, the living areas are found on the upper floors, culminating in a spectacular rooftop glass-floor swimming pool and deck incorporating a separate bathroom and shower.

“In the top half of the home, the formal lounge features a 6m-high ceiling which reveals the glass floor swimming pool above and there’s also a kitchen and dining space with floor-to-ceiling windows,” Mr Baltinas said.

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