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WA Building News Quarterly

1 May 2003

At just 34 years of age, Perth architect Barry Baltinas, has achieved what normally would be attributed to someone a decade his senior.

His professional qualifications, range of business experience and design talent which has made its mark on Perth’s residential landscape were recognised recently when he was named the 2002 Future Directions Young Achiever by the Property Council of Australia (WA). 

“Recognition for ‘outstanding contribution to the property industry’ is more of an achievement,” he said, “than his business success.”

“It is rewarding on two levels. Firstly, that an architect has won such an award in the property development industry.  Secondly, it will hopefully inspire young people in architecture to believe that if they apply themselves and set their mind to it, it can be done.

“You can achieve in the property market and there is room for growth.  These are ‘the good old days’ of the future,” said Mr Baltinas.

Chair of the judging Panel, Federal MP, Julie Bishop, said that Mr Baltinas’ vision for property development was entrepreneurial, futuristic and highly creative.

“He brings an exciting and innovative approach that will invigorate all facets of property development in this state, and exemplifies qualities that the Property Council was seeking in this inaugural award,” said Ms Bishop.

Mr Baltinas, through his three companies – Dawntree Australia, a boutique development company, 3DFirm.Com the imaging arm, and Vision Architects has had a role in the changing face of Perth’s inner and near city living over the last 12 months.

Three examples of his work:

·     Pulse Apartments at 448 Murray Street, Perth, a striking modern contemporary building, which reflects the emerging vibrant, cosmopolitan city lifestyle

·     Miami Apartments, a prestigious, luxury, boutique 5 apartment development at Perth’s most desirable address adjacent to Kings Park overlooking the city.  Four apartments were sold off the plans for between $4-5 million dollars – setting many records.

·     Le Bureau in Churchill Avenue, Subiaco has 18 offices and 4 loft apartments offering the flexible combination of business and personalised living.  The design compliments the traditional forms of the streetscape, but with modern design integrity.

Mr Baltinas has very firm criteria for projects that he develops.  It must be a boutique project which is thoughtfully created.

This translates into looking for a unique site, asking himself the question, ‘if I lived here, how would I live here?’  When this question is answered, a unique design is created.

“There is a big change in the market and I gravitate towards this market that wants to live a certain distance from their lifestyle of work.

“For me, architecture is related to fashion.  In the same way people look for style in dress, I design for people looking for style in living.  My favourite projects are for people who are into design and appreciate good design,” said Mr Baltinas.

The challenge, he says is to wear both developer and architect hats to achieve a quality building that is financially successful.

220 Vision Architect-designed apartments and units have contributed to the exciting new face of Perth property in the last 12 months.  Mr Baltinas said, “this is just the beginning. The critical mass of people living in the city is only starting to catch up with the deli’s, cafés and restaurants and there is room for huge growth.

“Perth is definitely keeping up with overseas trends in design and development.”

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