39 & 39A Mount Street - Award Winning Luxury Homes

Winner- 2018 Master Builders Housing Excellence Award

20 July 2018

The 39 Mount Design responds to the site’s unique connection to the water elements of the Swan river, the earth elements of Kings park as well as the air elements of the space and views. The two homes vertical conceptual framework responds to each site’s constraints of a 170sqm block size and challenging topography.

This verticality requires an ordered sequence of zoning as you travel up the home. The home is prioritized accordingly, with Living zones on the higher levels to take advantage of the views and outlook whilst the bedrooms are on the lower levels providing a more serene tree lined outlook. This ordering was also a direct response to the acoustics.
We envisaged the home to extend itself vertically through its folding walls creating an origami effect both inside and outside the home. Expanding and contracting similar to our breath which connects us to life.

The external fabric of the homes is an exposed and washed aggregate concrete walls whose individual textures and colours draw on inspiration from the colours and aggregate found in Kings park creating a forever warm earthy texture. This natural texture continues into the home encompassing the 6-level central light void.

As you move throughout the building you continually have that connection to this earth element from both within and out. A central light filled spine runs up the vertical void within the home, in which an open glass lift and stairs are contained.

This is the circulation space surrounded by glass providing the continual connection to the external elements as you pass through this space. The dining room is mezzanine’d above the living and sitting directly under the glass bottom rooftop pool creating a play of light and colour through the reflection of the water elements whilst taking in its visual cues from the swan river beyond.

The angled glass skin that encapsulates the living and dining room creates a waterfall effect when rainfall navigates its way down the glass façade. The glass bottom pool sits at the top of the home with its own glass face wall cantilevered out toward the Swan River beyond.

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