Local Artist Anisah Nasir Commissioned for Velo

19 November 2013

Local artist Anisah Nasir commissioned to integrate art work at Velo.

Baltinas is proud to announce it's commissioning of local artist Anisah Nasir to create an integrated art work piece which is to be imbedded within the Velo apartment building main entry lobby. Anisah Nasir is an innovative abstract artist who has been taking contemporary art classes since the age of 13, working under Danilo Pravica she developed an abstract approach to art. Anisah in 2011 had her first solo exhibition, exhibiting a series which explored the female body, she produced ten larger then life abstract nudes. 'I feel by expressing my emotions through art it creates an emotional response, as I work with colour and there meanings as well as movement I realise it can alter one’s mood'.

"Velo is an incredibly exciting project for me, especially as I’m still in the early stages of my career," she said. "I’m currently experimenting with mediums for the artwork at Vélo as we want to create a piece that will look the same in 30 to 40 years."

The decision to commission Nasir was driven by a desire to support local artists and help connect the building with its vibrant surroundings.

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