Meridian Cottesloe- Sothebys International

Sotherbys International feature Meridian

1 January 1970

With panoramic views over Cottesloe’s waterfront and an undulating façade that echoes the shifting dunes and fluid tidal patterns of the nearby shoreline, Meridian ushers in a new era of location-defined architecture. An instant landmark, yet seamlessly at home in its environment.

Standing at the epicentre of Cottesloe’s world-famous beachfront, Meridian’s ten luxury residences and penthouse offer incomparable lifestyle amenity. Living spaces, alfresco areas and master bedrooms have been oriented to maximise both the vistas and opportunities for outdoor living. The use of natural materials such as stone is a direct response to the surrounding natural topography. The result? Homes that are deeply connected to their neighbourhood yet also peaceful places to relax and entertain.

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