Vélo the New Face

16 November 2013

Once in their life, everyone should live in the city.

Perth’s favourite inner city area has been rejuvenated, revitalised and is ready for action. There’s an infectious energy on the streets which is creating the kind of urban buzz you’d expect to find in Sydney, London and New York. And as the area comes of age, there’s something new in the inner city mix. Vélo.

Take one look at Vélo and you’ll see it’s no ordinary building. It’s a striking combination of cutting edge architecture and sustainable design to offer you the the best in urban living.

Vélo’s tiered facade is softened with ever changing greenery cascading from the winter gardens on balconies and creating an urban oasis.

On the ground floor, a small bar and cafe is the ideal place to meet friends and provides a clever connection between the building and the surrounding streetscape.

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